Web design

A new or improved website could be great for your business or organisation and the good news is that it doesn't need to cost the earth to initially set up, or be a burden on each month's outgoings. A website can:

  • increase people's awareness of your business or organisation
  • promote your services, products, values etc
  • provide a place to communicate and share information

Many businesses and organisations have been caught out by getting a great looking website designed, only to be left with a white elephant six months later as the information is out of date. Often editing websites is shrouded in technical secrecy leaving companies having to pay through the nose even for simple updates, or feeling they need to employ a technical whizz-kid to be webmaster.

Goznet Systems specialises in providing quality websites at reasonable cost that allow the owner to edit their information as they please. You typically provide the initial content and an idea of the look and feel that is required to fit with your existing corporate image. Then, if you agree with the proposal, a website can be developed and tested with your input and you'll be on the web before you know it. As required we can provide hosting services for a modest annual cost or the site can be handed over to you for a one off payment with no strings attached. Then you are in the driver's seat and can potentially:

  • update the text and pictures on all pages
  • create new pages altogether
  • add and update products in your on-line shop
  • maintain photo galleries and other interactive content

All this can be done with minimal technical background. If you can operate Microsoft Word, you can be a productive webmaster! Why not send us an email and set the ball rolling?

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