Welcome to Goznet Systems, award winning web design and web application development in Farnham, the Surrey/Hampshire borders and beyond. We can assist with every stage of getting your business or organisation, large or small, on to the web and making the most of the opportunities that offers – and all for much less up-front and ongoing cost than you might imagine. Click or tap on any of the topics below to find out more about our available services.

Website design and development


For most organisations, a content-managed website is just the job. Goznet Systems can produce a stylish and mobile-friendly website template to your liking – using your logos and other branding if appropriate – and work with you to fill it with all the text and images you want to get started with.

Content-managed website example

Unlike the many instant website creator tools out there, you can add completely custom features, not just a limited selection of restrictive widgets. Moving forwards it’s your choice whether we manage the website on your behalf or if we “give you the keys” to make your own ongoing adjustments – or a shared arrangement if that works better for you.

Examples: Top Dog PromotionsImpulse Engineering


Want to get on the web, but it’s all too complicated or expensive, or you simply haven’t got the time to put into creating or maintaining a full-on website? Why not consider one of our super-quick “micro” websites.

Micro website example

It can operate alongside your Facebook or Instagram page if you want, but will be truly your own little home, load in an instant and of course be fully mobile-friendly. All we need are a few words about who you are and what you do, some photos and some contact details, social media links etc, and we’ll get it sorted ASAP. Anything else to enrich the page is a bonus!

Fully bespoke

If neither content-managed nor “micro” seem to be quite right for your website needs, perhaps you need a fully bespoke solution.

Bespoke website example

That doesn’t necessarily have to mean any more expensive than content-managed, and it may well end up costing significantly less in the longer term depending what you’re trying to do. The sky really would be the limit with a bespoke website, and we don’t like giving no for an answer to customers’ ideas or requirements, so why not drop us a line?

Example: FreeBibleimages

Web application design and development

The web isn’t just about public websites, as you’ll know if you’ve used cloud services like Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365. If you currently struggle to manage with emailed spreadsheets, paper-based diaries or the wonderful Post It™ note, Goznet Systems can work with you to develop your own database-driven web application solutions, offering high availability and secure multi-user access – all working from desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Content creation services


Want a website but you’re at a loss for words? We can help produce content for your website, including writing text and sourcing photos and other images. We produce web content with search optimisation in mind, to help make sure Google and other search engines point your potential customers in the right direction! Just tell us the gist of what you’re trying to say, and we can write the copy you need to come across confidently and professionally to your web visitors.


New businesses in particular may be lacking in images of their products, facilities or people, and stock library photos don’t usually cut it for distinctiveness or authenticity. We can offer photography services, including local photo-shoots or editing your own photographs to bring out the very best with web publication in mind. Nothing beats using unique images to complete the visuals of a website or other project, and we can help at every stage with making your business photography truly pop.

General photography examples: dtegoz on Instagram

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